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Sarah Kustok Video Tape

Blackhawks fan tells CSN reporter Sarah Kustok he loves her, leaves her speechless (Video) Greg coming from Lemont is a Blackhawks fan who had been thankful which has a possiblity to enjoy "Shoot The Puck," a good intermission baseball chance sweepstakes from U . s . Heart. They did not stand up well. His / her comfort and ease prize? Interviews along with attractive Comcast SportsNet Detroit media reporter Dorothy Kustok.

Greg chose to make use of this opportunity to accomplish just what other folks experienced merely thought of carrying out: Telling Darlene Kustok "I enjoy you" at center glaciers of a Blackhawks vs. Minnesota Untamed game in Thursday night time. Here's the leading man for doing things:

For the movie disadvantaged, the Casanova regarding Chicago hockey had been accented through Kustok, an early baseball talked about in DePaul, as he lower together with "I accept you, Sarah" although getting his / her supply around her.

Kustok, smiling: "Oh my own.Inches

Greg: "You're therefore pretty and stunning. I love you.Inch

Kustok: "I don't have any idea what to say. I am just merely likely to express gratitude. … I am not sure what things to point out."

Afterwards, the girl joked that they were skipping the online dating phase of these partnership and heading right to matrimony. To be honest: Any kind of person that could hit you from center glaciers, on reside wire, can be a owner.

As The Huge Guide known, that is as an innocent, fan-centric edition with the renowned (Okay, infamous) Joe Namath "I wanna make out you" occurrence along with Suzy Kolber associated with ESPN. It's virtually one musical quantity far from Namath/Kolber since scripted by John Barnes.

The merely feel dissapointed about relating to this cut: Which Greg via Lemont dons the Jonathan Toews shirt as opposed to a Ike Kane hat, considering that rogues could be totally more appropriate for brazen, shameless flirtation.

Blackhawks fan flirts with Sarah Kustok (TV Reporter) on Live TV

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